Welcome to AL&L!

We here at the Home Office would like to welcome you to the 2019 season! Your Area Managers will be right there with you in the campgrounds.  We are also here to help make your jobs easier. Here’s a bit about us.

KIM, Administrative Assistant: I’m usually the person answering the phone and do my best to help you or connect you with the person who can. I enjoy getting to know more about you. We may be located far from you, but we care about you and about helping you succeed.

FAITH, Office Assistant: HI! I’m the person who enters all the deposits into the main account. It has to match 100% so your calculations are the key to helping us be accurate. I also help with bills and payroll, do a lot of filing, prepare orders for shipping, and anything else time allows.

BRITNEY, Reservations Specialist: I take care of the reservations. If there is a problem, I’m on it. I help with a variety of projects in the office. If I’m not helping Jenny with payroll, I’m helping Claudia with reservations, or Matt with random projects.

JENNY, Office Manager: I take care of the payroll. If there is ever a problem with your paycheck, direct deposit, personal info, or tax withholdings, I will help you with that. I also send out uniforms and deal with employee accidents. We hope you work smart and stay safe!

MELANIE, Accountant: I stay very busy paying all of the bills, adding up the income and expenses, and preparing taxes. Would you believe we have over 900 vendors at the height of the summer? That’s a lot of bills! And a lot of service-related work and supplies. Keep up the good work!

CLAUDIA, Contract Specialist: I try to keep the info on the facilities up to date and accurate. Let me know when changes are needed please! I also track GT, prepare bids, and write the newsletter. Gee, you can help me with most everything that I do – thanks in advance for your help!

KYLEY, Human Resources and Recruiting Manager: When it comes to taking care of our guests, it all starts with hiring the right people. The Area Managers and I look for people who want to work here because they enjoy people. I also take care of employee relations.

MATT, Vice President: AL&L is a great business. You provide a valuable service to folks like me who love and enjoy being in the forests! My job is to monitor budgets to help the company stay in great fiscal shape. Keep up the good work! I hope to visit you or your area over the summer.

STEVE, President: I get to spend a lot of the season in the field, getting to know our staff and our partners and seeing the great places we manage. I think my job is terrific! You are the heart and soul of AL&L – We couldn’t do what we do without you! Thank you for being who you are and for taking time to make the summer better for those who visit the forests to experience nature. 2015 is going to be great!