Employee Pay Day!

Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit is safe, efficient, and the only way to know exactly when your check will be at the bank.  We have places where the mail can take 10 or more days to deliver (and those places are actually quite close to our main office).  When you sign up for Direct Deposit, your money goes straight to your bank.  It's there on payday!  There's no waiting for the mail.  You do receive a pay stub statement that verifies your check and deductions in the mail.  If you signed up last season, you should be set for this season as well.  If you want to sign up this season, ask your AM for a Direct Deposit form.

Verify Your Information Please

When you receive that first paycheck, please take a minute and verify ALL of the personal information on your paycheck or check stub.

Checking your deduction amounts is also critical.  You signed up for the rate category for your deductions on your W-4.  Did you choose single, married, married withhold at a single rate, ...?  When filling out your W-4, some of you elected to have extra federal tax withheld from your paycheck.  Some of you filled this out before doing your 2014 taxes and may have learned you need to change how you're set up  Please check and verify your pay stub.

At the end of every year, there are always calls asking why more money was or wasn't taken for federal taxes.  American Land & Leisure doesn't decide how many deductions to withhold; this depends on the amount of your paycheck and how many deductions you specified on your W-4.  It is your responsibility to keep an eye on the amounts to make sure it is the proper amount.  Deduction amounts can be changed at any time.  You can just give our payroll person a call if you need a change.  Remember that state income tax is deducted for the state you work in rather than for your state of residence.