Working in a Fishbowl

Comment Cards Help Us See Ourselves

Are you asking campers to complete our survey / comment cards?   Our partners rely on those to see how the campers find our service.  We also need to rely on those comments for a better picture of the service we're delivering.  Even when the comments are not as pleasant as we'd hope.

In the Fishbowl

Why is it that it's so easy to see what someone else needs to do when we can't see what we need to do?  The solutions to others' problems seem obvious, while our own dilemmas befuddle us.

We're like fish in a fishbowl - we can't see the water because we're in it.  But others, looking in from the outside, can see the water quite clearly.


Aren't we lucky to have camper friends - who see us and our service from a clear perspective?  They help us understand ourselves and when our thinking (like a fishbowl) is cloudy.  They call us on our nonsense when we're fooling ourselves.  They remind us that "denial" is not a river in Egypt.

AL&L is swimming safer thanks to our camper's loving perspective.

Be sure your cards have the correct mailing address on them so the customer doesn't waste their time and postage.  If your cards do not have the following address, throw them away and order new from your Area Manager:  260 S 2500 W, Suite 103, Pleasant Grove, UT  84062