Workamping Jobs for 2020

2020 Job List coming in early November

We've had requests for what camp hosting jobs will be open for 2020.  I can tell you in a few words that we do not know yet.  However, we typically have 100-125 job openings to fill each year.  Make a note on your November calendar to look at our 2020 Job List then call Kyley: 1-800-342-2267

Since some companies seem to be advertising already for Summer 2020,  I'd like to take a moment to explain our hiring process for seasonal employees.

1)  Our current employees, who are in good standing, get first choice.  At the end of the season our Campground Managers indicate whether or not they'd like to return to that same position next season.  If they want to stay with the company but would like a different location, they list their preferences.

2)  Location preferences are due in October.  Most of our seasonal campgrounds are closed by mid-October.  We wait until the end of the season because too many things can change during the season that can affect the employee's plans for next year.

3)  Openings begin to emerge in late October.  After the 2020 workamping jobs are filled with current employees, we begin looking for new employees.  The 2020 jobs will begin to show up on our Current Job Openings page.

We understand that many people like to have their next season's plans in place about a year ahead.  We hope you understand our desire to retain our good employees.

If you have a happy disposition and enjoy people, we want you!