Is Workamping for You?

Ever wonder if workamping is something you would enjoy?

While there are a wide variety of workamping jobs across the country, from volunteer to paid positions, American Land & Leisure primarily has one type: paid Recreation Managers.

Our Recreation Managers provide on-site security, greet customers, pick up litter, clean toilets, collect fees, maintain and use small equipment and more.  They could work in any, or all, of the following types of facilities:

Picnic \ Day Use
Group Area
Boat Launch
Retail Store \ Rentals
Entrance Station

Do you love people?

Customer Service can be both gratifying and frustrating all in one day; sometimes with one person.  It takes a special person to find meaning and purpose in keeping a toilet clean.  But we're not just about clean toilets.  Our managers can set the tone for the campground.  If you greet the campers with a smile, most will feel welcomed and respect you and other customers.  Others feel guilty for the trouble they are about to cause...maybe they'll become good customers, if you are friendly and firm enough. :-)

Do you enjoy RVing?

Most of our workamping positions require that you live on-site in your RV for the entire summer season.  You do not have to pay for your site and the value is not reported as part of your income.  We have locations with various amenities from boondocking to full-hookups.  When looking for a workamping position it is best to be honest with yourself about your desires for hookups.  Make your desires known from the beginning.  Extended camping on our beautiful forests provide unique opportunities to view season-long wildflowers and wildlife.

Are you financially stable?

You will not get rich through workamping.  American Land & Leisure pays for the hours required for the particular facility.  The pay is minimum wage for the state you are working in.  Sometimes it may seem like there is more work to do than the approved hours.  Workamping jobs are best suited for people who are not dependent on it for a living wage.  If you are looking for a little extra money to supplement your travel expenses though, workamping might be a good fit.

Are you physically fit?

Many of our workamping jobs require a certain level of fitness.  You could be shoveling ashes out of fire rings, lifting firewood, picking up litter, mopping floors, wiping shower walls, using yard care equipment or even just getting up and down to answer your RV door; seemingly all day long.  This is one reason we try to keep the required hours low.  That said, we also have a limited number of positions that require sitting for long periods in an entrance station.  Some facilities are better suited than others for electric wheelchairs.  If you have a physical limitation, please mention it upfront so we can find the right job for you.

Does workamping for American Land & Leisure sound like it's worth a summer to try it out?

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