National Grouchy Month?

Tips for the Tired Workamper

It's summer!  Our favorite time of year!  But every year, August can seem like it's National Grouchy Month.  Campers are grouchy with each other, Campground Managers are grouchy with campers...what's the deal?

After workamping for several years my husband and I have come up with a theory.  The end of summer is coming too quickly and everyone is trying to get in their last (or the first for some) camping trip before school starts and the cold weather drives them back indoors.  The impending doom of weather more suited to indoor-work is depressing!  It weighs on our psyche.  We love playing outdoors!  We dream of living in a more temperate climate so we can play outdoors year-round.  Or we dream of retirement when we don't have work interfering with our outdoor play.  (Not to mention it's HOT and the heat makes everyone grouchy.)

Retirement comes but we don't want to become a couch-potato.  So we take a workamping job - the perfect blend of keeping active and playing outdoors with like-minded people.  We are happy to take care of these cute families teaching their children about the wonders of nature and sleeping in the dirt.  By the time August comes workampers are exhausted and wondering where the days-off went.  There's been more work than camping since about mid-June.  Hang in there!  There's actually a slight dip in weekday camping from mid to late-August before the last "hurrah" on Labor Day weekend.

Here are some survival tips for workampers:

1)  Remember to take care of your health first (and all that entails: drink water, eat, sleep, laugh). Protect yourself from the heat.

2)  Keep perspective: The questions you answer over and over are not from the same person.  Be respectful.  Most campers are just trying to relax and enjoy nature with family.

3)  Remember to H.A.L.T.  Even when making a joke you are more likely to sound cranky if you are too Hungry, Angry, Lonely or Tired.

4)  Take advantage of social gatherings with other workampers to decompress.

and finally,  5)  Have fun!  This is recreation.  It's supposed to be fun.  We'll always find what we are looking for so look for the fun and the beauty!