Workamper Area Manager Job Description

Area Manager Job Description

American Land & Leisure

American Land & Leisure holds permits to operate recreation facilities for the USDA Forest Service, California State Parks and Pacific, Gas & Electric Company.  Permits include 34 Ranger Districts, 3 state parks and 8 watersheds.

Each of these areas require one or more Area Managers (AM's) to provide team support, supply logistics, financial reporting and training for our workampers who function as Campground Managers, maintenance support, etc.  One of the main responsibilities of our AM's is to maintain and test drinking water systems in our facilities.  Where required, we provide training and certification.  AM's are also the primary contact with local permit administrators.  Areas vary widely in size.  Most AM job positions are best suited for a couple to work as a team to cover their duties.  Team building and customer service skills are a must for our AM's.  A cheerful disposition, basic accounting and basic maintenance skills are also helpful.

In all but the largest areas the AM's care for the facility where they reside during the season; typically from a full-hookup site.  Some areas have a landline and fax machine for receiving reservation lists to be distributed to Campground Managers.

Area Managers have use of a company vehicle and are provided with company credit cards and accounts to purchase the necessary items to run their area.  AM's arrive early in the season to get equipment ready to open the area and stay late to close down water systems, etc, for the season.  AM's are paid by a salary that is based on the size and visitor use of the area.

We prefer to hire Campground Managers, for the Area Manager jobs, who have successfully completed at least one season with American Land & Leisure.  As with Campground Manager jobs, you may have a specific location in mind where you would like to work as an AM.

Although we do not yet know where we'll have openings next season, you might want to follow the link to take a look at our list of AM job positions.  If you are a current employee, make your interest known to your AM and call us in the main office during business hours or send us an email anytime at