Job Description of a Camp Host

Because each camp host’s assignment is not the same, we can’t detail each specific task at all campgrounds.  The following is a description of general duties that can be expected in most assignments.  Please keep in mind that other related tasks or assignments may be given by the Area Manager or one of the corporate staff. 

Meeting and Greeting the Public - The most important responsibility you will have is to provide good customer service. We have built our company based on customer service. You will need to have good people skills, a positive attitude, and the ability to defuse potentially confrontational situations. 

Collecting and Accounting for Fees - Approaching campers for payment of camping fees and collection of fee envelopes from fee tubes. Fees collected will be entered on Daily Fee Sheets. All monies will be remitted to your area manager for audit and bank deposit. 

Cleaning and Maintaining the Campgrounds - Camp hosts pick up litter, clean restrooms, remove ashes from fire rings, do weed trimming and possibly lawn mowing.  You might also do routine maintenance like paint picnic tables or restrooms.  American Land & Leisure supplies all of the materials and equipment required.


We pay minimum wage for the state you're working in, and we provide your campsite and the hookups that are available in your campground.  The number of hours you work each week and the hookups you have will vary depending on the campground you're working in.  Please remember that your hours may fluctuate occasionally during the season.  For example, what we've found is that your campground may be busy on Memorial Day weekend, but then will slow down the first two or three weeks of June before the kids get out of school.  When we get close to the Fourth of July it will get busy again and will stay busy into August when the kids go back to school.

Most of our host sites offer water and sewer hookups. Only about 15% of the sites we manage will have full hookups. If you can use a generator or solar power to generate electricity, you will have a lot more jobs to choose from.

Some camp hosts take care of more than one campground.  If your job assignment requires you to drive your personal vehicle between campgrounds, we'll pay mileage.

Your work schedule will be flexible.  You will be busiest on the weekends when the campers are in the campgrounds so your day off will be during the week, usually a Tuesday or Wednesday, but other arrangements can be made if approved by the area manager.  Plan to work a few hours a day, six days a week.  Since you're working a flexible schedule you still have some freedom to leave the campground occasionally during the other six days.

General Information

American Land & Leisure employs single campground hosts where the workload warrants only one person.

Most employment opportunities begin in May and end in September with Memorial Day to Labor Day being the heart of the season. We have very few year round opportunities. Employees are expected to complete the entire season of their assignment, but we understand there are family emergencies and health issues that may require you to leave early.

Uniforms are required and are provided by American Land & Leisure.  We'll give you a jacket, two button-down shirts and two tee shirts.  We also provide hats and work gloves.  You will provide your pants and work shoes.  Be professional in your choice of pants.