Colorado Job - Poudre Canyon - Kelly Flats

Kelly Flats Campground

Arapaho National Forest / Canyon Lakes Ranger District

 Approx. Open/Close Dates:   Mid-May to Mid-September
Approx. Hours/Week/Couple:   30 - 40
Available Utilities:    W, S
# of Host Sites:   1
# of Campsites:   30
# Restrooms:   2 vault, 4 toilets
Elevation:   6800 feet

Kelly Flats is about 35 miles west of Fort Collins, Colorado, in the Poudre Canyon. This is a spread out campground along the river. It is roughly 1 miles. Some tent site are located off the road.

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Utah Job - Ogden Canyon - Willows

Willows Campground

Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest / Ogden Ranger District

Approx. Open/Close Dates:   Mid-May to Late September
Approx. Hours/Week/Couple:   20 - 25
Available Utilities:    W, S
# of Host Sites:   1

# of Campsites:   13
# of Restrooms:   1 vault, 2 toilets

Elevation:   5200 feet

Located in Ogden Canyon east of Pineview Reservoir; about 8 miles from Huntsville.  The beautiful little campground is situated on the banks of the south fork of the Ogden River among cottonwood and willows.

Campers enjoy fishing and hiking. 

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Oregon Job - Oakridge - Blue Pool Campground

Blue Pool Campground

Willamette National Forest / Middle Fork Ranger District

Approx. Open/Close Dates:   Late May to Mid-September
Approx. Hours/Week/Couple:   15 - 20
Available Utilities:    W, BB, E

# of Host Sites:   1
# of Campsites:   25
# of Restrooms:   5 toilets
Elevation:   1900 feet

Blue Pool Campground is located on Salt Creek in an old growth forest.  McCredie Hot Springs is about 1/2 mile away.  Campers come here to fish and swim.

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Colorado Job - Granby - Stillwater

Colorado Job - Granby - Stillwater

Workamping in Stillwater Campground on Lake Granby; part of the Arapaho National Recreation Area. Campers enjoy boating, sailing, swimming and fishing. Anglers cast for kokanee salmon and rainbow, brown, mackinaw and cutthroat trout. A boat ramp and dock are located on-site.


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Colorado Job - Boulder - Rainbow Lake

Rainbow Lake Campground

Arapaho National Forest / Boulder Ranger District

 Approx. Open/Close Dates:   Mid-June to Mid-September
Approx. Hours/Week/Couple:   25
Available Utilities:    S
# of Host Sites:   1
# of Campsites:   17
# of Restrooms:   3 vault, 6 toilets
Elevation:   10,000 feet

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