Oregon Job - Detroit - Maintenance

Detroit Area Maintenance

Willamette National Forest \ Detroit Ranger District

Approx. Open/Close Dates:   Early May to Mid-October
Approx. Hours/Week/Couple:   20
Available Utilities:    W, S
# of Campgrounds:   9
Elevation:   1600 feet

The maintenance couple live in Hoover Campground, on Detroit Lake, with the Area Managers.  You will have access to a company vehicle.

Job duties could include clean up on fallen trees, painting, electrical, plumbing or other duties as assigned by the Area Manager.  Skills in small water systems, minor construction and small engine repairs such as weed trimmers, leaf blowers, chain saws and golf carts are beneficial.

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Oregon Job - McKenzie Bridge - Paradise

Paradise Campground

Willamette National Forest / McKenzie River Ranger District

Approx. Open/Close Dates:   Mid-May to Early September
Approx. Hours/Week/Couple:   35 - 50
Available Utilities:    W, BB
# of Host Sites:   1
# of Campsites:   64
# of Restrooms:   4 flush/vault, 10 toilets
Elevation:   1600 feet

Paradise sits on the banks of the McKenzie River and is one of the busiest campgrounds in the area.

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Oregon Job - Oakridge - Salmon Creek Falls

Salmon Creek Falls Campground

Willamette National Forest / Middle Fork Ranger District

Approx. Open/Close Dates:   Mid-April to Early October
Approx. Hours/Week/Couple:   15
Available Utilities:    W(HP), BB
# of Host Sites:   1
# of Campsites:   15
# of Restrooms:   2 vault, 3 toilets
Elevation:   1500 feet

The campground is about 4 miles from Oakridge, Oregon, on Salmon Creek.  Two small beautiful waterfalls and deep pools are nearby. 

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Oregon Job - Detroit - Humbug

Humbug Campground

Willamette National Forest / Detroit Ranger District

Approx. Open/Close Dates:   Mid-May to Mid-September
Approx. Hours/Week/Couple:   15 - 20
Available Utilities:    W, S
# of Host Sites:   1
# of Campsites:   22
# of Restrooms:   4 vault, 4 toilets
Elevation:   2100 feet

Humbug Campground is about 10 miles from the small resort town of Detroit on the Breitenbush River.

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Oregon Job - Oakridge - North Waldo

North Waldo Campground

Willamette National Forest / Middle Fork Ranger District

Approx. Open/Close Dates:   Mid-June to Early October
Approx. Hours/Week/Couple:   25 - 40
Available Utilities:    W, BB
# of Host Sites:   1
# of Campsites:   58
# of Restrooms:    3 vault, 8 toilets
Elevation:   5400 feet

North Waldo Campground is on Waldo Lake about 35 miles northeast of Oakridge, Oregon.

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California Job - Los Angeles - Area Managers

Angeles Area Manager

Angeles National Forest / Santa Clara-Mojave Rivers Ranger District

 Approx. Open/Close Dates:   End of April to Mid-November
Approx. Hours/Week/Couple: Hourly
Available Utilities:    W, S, E

# of Campgrounds:  4
# of Hosts:   5 - 7

Elevation:   6100 feet

The Area Managers for the Angeles area live in and care for Mountain Oak Campground and Lake Campground.  The Area Manager's site will hold up to an 18 foot rig.

Mountain Oak is located 8 miles from Wrightwood near Jackson Lake.  It is shaded by oak and sugar pine. 

Lake Campground is located 5 1/2 miles from Wrightwood on Jackson Lake.  This secluded campground is scattered with oak trees for shade, and has 8 campsites. 

Campers enjoy fishing, hiking, boating and swimming from both campgrounds. 

Groceries, laundry, fuel and dining are available in the nearby Los Angeles metro area.

The Angeles area consists of the following campgrounds (typical # of hosts):

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