Colorado Job - Brainard Lake - Interpretive Services

Brainard Lake Interpretive Services

Arapaho National Forest / Brainard Lake Area

Approx. Open/Close Dates:   Early June to End of September
Approx. Hours/Week/Couple:   20+
Available Utilities:    W, S
Type of Work:   Interpretive Services
Elevation:   10,300 feet

The Interpretive Coordinator organizes and presents interesting and fun interpretive programs in the campground.  BLRA is a diverse area with plenty of subject matter to work with.  We have information from previous programs available for use.  Additional hours may be available for work in the campground and Welcome Center but interpretive services are the main focus of this position.

7 host couples, the Interpretive Coordinator and the Area Managers live at the Welcome Center to care for Brainard Lake Recreation Area. 

BLRA is a multi-faceted area.  Brainard Lake has a road around it that provides access to many different trail heads; many of which connect with the Continental Divide N/S trail. With a special permit hikers can stay out overnight.  This is a very intense, hyper-active, well utilized facility on the front range. The FS has/and will continue to spend significant amounts of money to perpetuate its status as the gem of the area. 

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