California Job - Drum Spaulding- Area Manager

Drum-Spaulding Area Managers

Bear Valley Group Campground

PG&E Drum-Spaulding Watershed / Emigrant Gap Area

Approx. Open/Close Dates:   Mid-May to Early September
Approx. Hours/Week/Couple:   Hourly
Available Utilities:    W, S, E, Ph
# of Sites:   1 group
# of Campgrounds:   9;  day use: 5
# of Hosts:   6-7 couples, 0-1 single
Elevation:   4200 feet

The Area Managers for Drum-Spaulding are located at Bear Valley Group Campground, Emigrant Gap.  Area Managers provide logistical support, mentoring, personnel training and monthly safety meetings.  They provide banking, payroll and weekly reports to the corporate office.  Some light maintenance is also required. 

This area also consists of the following campgrounds/day use (typical # of hosts): 

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