Utah Job - Ogden Canyon Day Use - Cemetery Point

Cemetery Point Day Use

Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest / Ogden Ranger District

Approx. Open/Close Dates:   Early May to Mid-September
Approx. Hours/Week/Couple:   70 - 80
Available Utilities:    W, S, E
# of Host Sites:   5
# of Campsites:   0; boat ramp, beach
# of Restrooms:   6 vault, 12 toilets
Elevation:   5000 feet

Located on Pineview Reservoir.  5 host couples work the Fee Booths, clean picnic areas and restrooms, occasional lawn mowing.  Pets are not allowed on the beach.  Hosts may have pets and can take them for a walk but cannot take them on the beach.  The stunning Wasatch Mountains surround this beautiful lake in Huntsville, Utah.

The 5 couples work together to care for this busy area and then close the area at night for a peaceful night's sleep.  The beach, parking areas and picnic areas consist of 7 vault toilets, which need cleaning at least 3 times/day on weekends and holidays.  The large grassy areas need to be policed for trash, mowed and weed-whacked.  Mowing these areas is an all day job for 2 people.  Trees need trimming.  Trash cans at the beach and boat launch areas must be emptied.  Lawns must be irrigated using a sprinkler system.  

A company truck is provided for one person to also make a circuit of 15 small day use sites twice weekly.  He/she cleans 7 vault toilets, picks up trash, mows, weed-eats, trims and empties trash cans.  At peak times this must be done 3 times weekly.  Water must be hauled as there is no piped water in these picnic areas.  Other duties may include helping direct traffic on holidays and busy weekends, maintaining all power equipment and, occasionally, helping in the fee booth.

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