California Job - Carson Pass - Lower Mokelumne

Lower Mokelumne River Route

PG&E Motherlode Watershed / Carson Pass Area

Approx. Open/Close Dates:   Year-Round
Approx. Hours/Week/Couple:   15 - 40
Available Utilities:    none
# of Host Sites:   0
# of Campsites:   0; 9 day use areas
# of Restrooms:   10 vault, 20 toilets
Elevation:   various

The Lower Mokelumne is the part of the river below Camanche Dam.  These day use areas give views and access to the reservoirs and tributaries along the Lower Mokelumne.

This position is usually filled by a person living in the area.  Hours vary throughout the year to accommodate the level of use.  The route consists of the care and cleaning for the following day use areas:

  • Salt Springs Day Use

  • Tiger Creek Powerhouse Day Use

  • Devils Nose Whitewater Take Out

  • Tiger Creek After Bay Day Use

  • Tiger Creek Whitewater Put In

  • Tiger Creek Whitewater Take Out (Oct 1 to Mar 31)

  • Lake Tabeaud Day Use

  • Electra Day Use

  • Electra Whitewater Put In

  • Ponderosa Way Whitewater Take Out

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California Job - Carson Pass - Lyons Reservoir

Lyons Reservoir Day Use

PG&E Motherlode Watershed / Carson Pass Area


Approx. Open/Close Dates:   First of May - End of October
Approx. Hours/Week/Couple:   39
Available Utilities:    W, S, E
# of Host Sites:   1
# of Campsites:   0; day use area
# of Restrooms:   1 vault, 2 toilets
Elevation:   unknown

You stay at the Lyons Reservoir Day Use Area. The caretaker goes in the morning to open the gate, in the evening to close the gate and does general yard-care and cleaning.  No money-handling is required as this is a non-fee area. 

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