Utah Job - Summit Springs - Carmel, Manns, Sheep Creek, Willows

Carmel, Manns, Sheep Creek, Willows Campgrounds

Ashley National Forest / Flaming Gorge Ranger District

Approx. Open/Close Dates:   June to Labor Day
Approx. Hours/Week/Couple:   25 - 40
Available Utilities:  
# of Host Sites:   1
# of Campsites:   17 / 10 / 4 / 9
# of Restrooms:   9 vault, 9 toilets
Elevation:   8200 feet

The Campground Managers live in Carmel Campground to care for it and the other three campgrounds.  Reservations are taken by Recreation.gov for the group sites; others are first-come/first-served. Water at the campground is not potable.  Potable water for the host is trucked in.

This is a beautiful remote area.   A stipend is provided for mileage.

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Colorado Job - Poudre Canyon - Dutch George

Dutch George Campgrounds

Arapaho National Forest / Canyon Lakes Ranger District

 Approx. Open/Close Dates:   Mid-May to Late September
Approx. Hours/Week/Couple:   30
Available Utilities:    W, S
# of Host Sites:   1
# of Campsites:   20 / 9
# Restrooms:   2 vault, 2 toilets
Elevation:   6500 feet

These campgrounds are in the Poudre Canyon about 30 miles west of Fort Collins, CO. 

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Florida Job - Umatilla - Clearwater Lake

Clearwater Lake Campground

Ocala National Forest / Lake George Ranger District

 Approx. Open/Close Dates:   Year Round
Approx. Hours/Week/Couple:   30
Available Utilities:    W, S, E
# of Host Sites:   2
# of Campsites:   42; day use area
# of Restrooms:   2 flush, 12 toilets, 12 showers
Elevation:   85 feet

2 couples live in and care for Clearwater Springs Campground.  This is a year-round campground in the beautiful Lake George area.  Couples may choose to spend a winter or summer or both.

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Colorado Job - Granby - Stillwater

Colorado Job - Granby - Stillwater

Workamping in Stillwater Campground on Lake Granby; part of the Arapaho National Recreation Area. Campers enjoy boating, sailing, swimming and fishing. Anglers cast for kokanee salmon and rainbow, brown, mackinaw and cutthroat trout. A boat ramp and dock are located on-site.


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California Job - State Parks - Woodson Bridge

Woodson Bridge Campground maintenance and host

California State Parks

Approx. Open/Close Dates:   Year Round
Approx. Hours/Week/Couple:   10 - 25
Available Utilities:    W, S, E
# of Host Sites:   2
# of Campsites:   34
# of Restrooms:   3 vault, 15 toilets, 4 showers
Elevation:   210 feet

The Area Manager and 1 host couple or single cares for Woodson Bridge Campground.  A maintenance person is hired to work in the campground during the summer months. 

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California Job - Southern - Smalley Cove

Smalley Cove Campground

PG&E Southern Area \ Bass Lake Ranger District

Approx. Open/Close Dates:   late March to early-October
Approx. Hours/Week/Couple:   30-40
Available Utilities:    W, S, E
# of Host Sites:   2
# of Campsites:   5
# of Restrooms:  1 vault
Elevation:   1000 feet

Smalley Cove Campground is a year-round facility.  All sites are first-come-first-served. There is a lot of lawn mowing and weed eating that needs to be done in this area. 

The hosts will also help care for Black Rock campground, and a number of day use areas including the Manzanita lake day use area.

The host will be very close to each other. The RV's will be within 15 feet of each other.