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Wolf Creek Campground on Union Valley Reservoir, California

Shady camping on the north shore of Union Valley

Easter Weekend Camping!

Spring Break will only wet your appetite.  Keep the camping going!  Easter weekend is April 3-5th

I feel like Spring!

Swim with the manatees at Salt Springs, FL.  Photo credit:  Bob O'Dean

French Pete Campground, McKenzie River, Oregon

French Pete opens on April 3, 2015.  All campsites are first-come-first-served until May 8th when about half the sites may be reserved at least 4 days in advance of your arrival.

Greendale Campground near Flaming Gorge, Utah

About 3.5 miles from Cedar Springs Marina on Flaming Gorge.

Employment Information

Read our Employment Blog to get information about working for AL&L and find information about job openings.

All Job Positions
Utah Job - Spanish Fork - Balsam

This beautiful campground has a host site with water and sewer hookups and is just 12 miles from Springville.

Utah Job - Logan - Box Elder

Enjoy a FHU site for workamping in this scenic little valley near Brigham City, Utah.

Utah Job - Salt Lake City - Jordan Pines / Maintenance

This group site is pretty quiet most weekdays with reservations on the weekends.  The perfect set up for using your skills for area maintenance.

Utah Job - Ogden Canyon Day Use - Cemetery Point

Cemetery Point is not as dead as it sounds.  It's a popular beach area for picnicking and boating on Pineview Reservoir. One host couple needed.

Nevada Job - Las Vegas - Fletcher View

Workamp in the mountains above Las Vegas, Nevada

Colorado Job - Poudre Canyon - Mountain Park

Workamp on the legendary Cache la Poudre River

2015 Job Openings - Quick List

Our list is shrinking fast!  We've met some awesome people in Quartzite.  We've still got a few great jobs open.  Come join our 2015 team for a summer of fun!

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