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Camping Under a Meteor Shower

Outburst of 200 meteors per hour expected in Perseids Meteor Shower of 2016

Camping along the Tour of Utah

The Tour de France has nothing on TOU!

Mirror Lake Shoreline Trail - Reconstruction

Protect your life and your wallet

Cherry Valley Campground, east of Sonora, California

Bring your own water for drinking, cooking and cleaning during the 2016 camping season

Dowdy Lake Campground, Red Feather Lakes, Colorado

60 RV-friendly campsites with electrical hookups and 10 campsites for tent-only camping.

Employment Information

Read our Employment Blog to get information about working for AL&L and find information about job openings.

All Job Positions
Colorado Job - Idaho Springs - Guanella Pass / Clear Lake

Get paid to camp in the Rocky Mountains.  Guanella Pass Campground is close to fishing, hiking and ghost towns.

Idaho Job - Coeur d'Alene - Honeysuckle

Do you enjoy a more primitive workamping experience?  Honeysuckle Campground is tucked away in the beautiful mountain forest of the Idaho Panhandle; just 20 miles away from Couer d'Alene.

Idaho Job - Sandpoint - Sam Owen

Workamp in a deer preserve with full hookups

Utah Job - Mirror Lake Highway - Mirror Lake

Mirror Lake Campground is the workamping job you've been waiting for!

Utah Job - Mirror Lake Highway - Mill Hollow / Wolf Creek

Wildlife viewing is a favorite pastime for our workampers

Nevada Job - Las Vegas - Cathedral Rock

Facilities updated in 2014

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