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Hilltop Campground near Las Vegas, NV - Virtual Tour

Incredible views of the Mojave Desert to the towering Spring Mountains

Shingle Creek Campground, Mirror Lake Highway, near Kamas, UT

Camping, fishing, hiking, ATV riding in the Uinta Mountains!

In honor of our fallen soldiers

Honoring our fallen soldiers by spending time with family doing what they loved.

Cold Water Cove Campground near McKenzie Bridge, OR - virtual tour

Although too cold for swimming this cold water lake is popular for canoeing, kayaking and trout fishing.

Late for your camping reservation?  Here's what to do:

Call the reservation's Customer Service number on your confirmation.

Employment Information

Read our Employment Blog to get information about working for AL&L and find information about job openings.

All Job Positions
California Job - Los Angeles - Jackson Flat

Workamp for pay and water/sewer hookups at 7,500 feet near Wrightwood, CA

Utah Job - Salt Lake City - Dogwood / Ledgemere / Birches

Just minutes from the Salt Lake valley but it looks like days!

Colorado Job - Granby - Willow Creek

Workamp in this beautiful, remote, campground on Willow Creek Reservoir near Lake Granby, CO

2015 Job Openings - Quick List

This changes daily as illness or family situations befall our managers. People shift from one location to another to fill in. Check daily for new opportunities!

Utah Job - Alpine Scenic Loop - Granite Flat

Workamp in the middle of the rugged Wasatch Mountains.  Campers come here for the scenery, fishing in the nearby stream and non-motorized lakes, mountain biking and hiking trails.

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