Campground Workamping Tip - Educate Yourself

Do a little research

If you are the adventurous sort, and accept a workamping job in a location you've never been to before, you'll likely do a little research on the area.  You will want to know which direction to explore on your time off since you will not be spending 24/7 in the campground.

The information you discover will benefit your campers as well.  As the Campground Host, you will get a lot of questions about places to hike, fish, view wildlife, geologic features, etc, inside and outside the campground.  No one expects you to be an expert.  But any little bit of info you can give will make their stay more fun.

Before you go, take advantage of our website.  We provide links to Forest Service websites and Reservations websites like  Type your campground name into the Google Search box on the right side of the Home page or click on FIND OR RESERVE YOUR SITE then select the state.  A map and a list of Ranger Districts will be displayed.  Select the Ranger District to see descriptions of the campgrounds with links in your area.

Another productive way to research the area is to use Bing, Yahoo, Google or even Facebook.  Type in the name of a major lake or river near your campground.  You may want to add the term "fishing", "birding" or other keywords according to your interests.  You'll find state Fish & Wildlife websites as well as Visitor's Bureaus and many others.

There will likely be a good mix of locals and travelers visiting your campground.  Take advantage of the local knowledge (if they are willing to reveal their hidden treasures).