Memorial Weekend Camping Tips

Combat Camping 101

You know it's coming.  You've been waiting for it since January.  If you are really on the ball, you've confirmed your reservations and have actually read your confirmation letter to make sure you reserved the campground you intended.  You've already done a thorough check of the camping gear, made repairs or replacements and maybe even camped in your yard to be sure you haven't forgotten anything.

All that's left is to buy groceries, pack the car or RV and hit the road!

But, maybe, you are more of a spontaneous type?  The good news:  Most of the campgrounds we manage have 40% - 50% first-come-first-served campsites.  The bad news:  They will be filled by Friday afternoon.  It may not be too late to reserve a site.  The requirement is at least 4 days in advance of your arrival date.  But, if you must wait until the last minute, be spontaneous on Thursday.  Try to camp closer to home.  If you don't find an opening, you can always go back home and try again on Saturday morning.  As a spontaneous person, everything is an adventure.  So don't get discouraged, enjoy the ride!

Campground Managers have been preparing for your arrival. Many have worked hard to get the winter debris or damage cleaned up for you.  For a new manager, anticipating Memorial Weekend can be like watching a tsunami coming at you; excitement and wonder and then shear panic as the enormity of the wave is evident.  Your patience is appreciated.  Familiarize yourself with the posted Campground Rules.  The rules are designed to maintain an enjoyable environment for all the campers; including protecting property under heavy usage.

Once you've gotten to your campsite take a deep breath and relax.  Know that it is going to be crowded but that everyone is there to have fun.  Be flexible and cooperative with other campers.  Observing quiet hours helps everyone relax.  A family campground is not a good place for a loud party.  Try a private campground or even dispersed camping.

If you can't tolerate Combat-style Camping, avoid camping in larger campgrounds on holiday weekends and weekends between July 1st and mid-August.  Weekday camping is a good alternative.

Jo Leach

Jo and Don worked in logistics and software development before workamping. We have worked for AL&L for 11 seasons as Campground Managers, Area Managers and currently as Regional Managers. Our website provides general information for retirees starting out in workamping.