Ice House Reservoir Campground, near Riverton, California

Ice House Campground

Eldorado National Forest \ Pacific Ranger District

High in the Sierra Nevada mountains, between Sacramento and Lake Tahoe, lies the Eldorado National Forest.  The forest is dotted by reservoirs fed by hundreds of rivers.

Ice House Campground sits in a Ponderosa pine forest on the shores of Ice House Reservoir.  Enjoy hiking, biking, fishing and water sports in this beautiful mountain setting.  As the name implies, this is a cold water lake that gives great relief from the stifling summer heat of the Sacramento Valley.

Ice House Mountain Bike Trail is a 2 mile, easy/moderate trail to Strawberry Campground.  The trail is open to foot, bike and horse traffic only.  No motorized vehicles are allowed.  Some campsites are available to first-come-first-served campers.  Others are available for reservation at least 4 days in advance: \ Ice House Campground

Get a variety of views from the campground from lake overlook to scenic peeks through the towering pines.  Check out other forest campgrounds on Union Valley Reservoir, Loon Lake and Gerle Creek here:  Pacific Ranger District Camping