Camping survival skills for mom

For kids who are tied to their electronic games, it can be a challenge to know what to do with all the time on their hands while camping.  Their cries of, "What can we do?" can drive you insane.

So, Mom, here's a fun idea!  Watch this short video to see how this simple fish trap works.

Have the kids gather sticks and show them how to arrange them on the shoreline.  They'll be thrilled when they catch a fish!  You've taught them a great survival skill and they don't need you to untangle their fishing line or bait their hook.

Don't let them go crazy and build a bunch of traps.  Be sure to have them disassemble the traps before dark.  You don't want the fish to get trapped and starve.  DO NOT keep or kill the fish you trap as it is illegal to fish this way.  Stress to your children that this is only to be used for survival.