Last Supermoon of 2014 - Sep 8, 2014

By now you know the drill.  This is the 3rd supermoon in as many months in 2014.  The moon is at perigee, closest to the earth, yada-yada-yada...

The moon is full on Monday, September 8th, but Sunday, Monday and Tuesday could all be great supermoon photo ops - or just a romantic sunset/moonrise.

Check the weather forecast and moonrise times in your area.  Hint:  the moonrise will be around sunset.

The best lighting for photos of the moon behind earthly subjects will be on Sunday and probably Monday. The supermoon will rise in a darker sky on Tuesday creating a dramatic contrast.

6 supermoons will occur in 2015, Jan/Feb/Mar and Aug/Sep/Oct with the largest appearing in September.

So, c'mon fellow amateur photographers, let's give it one more shot in 2014!

Jo Leach

Jo and Don worked in logistics and software development before workamping. We have worked for AL&L for 11 seasons as Campground Managers, Area Managers and currently as Regional Managers. Our website provides general information for retirees starting out in workamping.