Burning Pallets Not Allowed on National Forests

Burning Pallets Release Unsafe Chemicals

Did you know that the pallets are built with treated wood?  The wood is treated with chemicals, such as arsenic or methyl bromide, which are very hazardous when burned.

The "Don't Move Firewood" movement is helping to curb the spread of tree-killing insects and diseases.  It was once thought that burning scrap wood and pallets was a good alternative since the chemical treatment kills those things.  However, it's the release of those same chemicals when burned that can also be hazardous to our health and the health of the environment as a whole.

The USDA Forest Service no longer allows the burning of pallets on National Forests.

Our campground managers have noticed for quite some time that burning pallets in fire rings leave debris like staples and nails.  It not only makes cleaning fire rings more difficult but the nails and staples can be a hazard to wildlife as well.  Did you know that moose like to eat the cool coals out of the campfire?  The following photo was taken at Devil's Elbow Campground on the Coeur d'Alene River.  Campground Managers Butch and Sharon Jagger have watched "Marty" the moose for 3 seasons now.  We are not sure why but he does enjoy his coals.