Super Blood Moon Eclipse - Sep 27th

Super Blood Moon Eclipse

Are you paying attention to where the moon rises?  Will you see it from your campsite?  You might need to gather in the empty group area or parking lot to get out of the trees.  Well you've got 4 more nights to plan where you'll take your Super Blood Moon-rise photo.

When the moon is closest to the earth, as in August, September and October, the moon appears particularly large; especially when it is full.  But we get a special treat this month when the Super Moon will be eclipsed by the earth's shadow after sunset on Sunday, September 27th, in the lower 48.  Read more about the Super Blood Moon Eclipse on

In the eastern and central states, the moon will already be in the sky when the shadow of the earth begins to darken it.  West of the Rockies, though, the moon will be in partial eclipse as it rises.  Get eclipse times for your location here: Times

So pick your viewing spot and set up early to get a photo of that deep, red orb as it rises in the frame of your perfectly arranged foreground.  A clear shot of the moon is always impressive but, sometimes, structures or people in the foreground can add a fun perspective.