Paddle up the "Thorofare" - Priest Lake, Idaho

The Priest Lake Thorofare

Idaho Panhandle

The 2-mile stretch of river, called the Thorofare, connects Priest Lake to Upper Priest Lake, in the Idaho Panhandle, north of Sandpoint.  The wakeless speed restriction makes it ideal for kayaks and canoes.  Crystal clear waters make it easy to see the bottom and spot fish as they pass beneath you.  Don't be surprised if a moose crosses the river in front of your boat.

Access the Thorofare from Beaver Creek Day Use Area.  It does not have a gate so it is accessible as long as weather permits you to get there.  Nearby campgrounds are closed by mid-September and begin opening again in mid-May.  If not camping the parking fee is $7/vehicle.  If you camp in the campground, display your receipt on your car in the Beaver Creek parking area to avoid the additional fee.

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