North Waldo, near Oakridge, OR - Virtual Tour

North Waldo Campground

Willamette National Forest \ Middle Fork Ranger District

North Waldo Campground is the most popular of the campgrounds on North Waldo Lake.  It has 58 campsites, a boat launch that is a little deeper than the others and access to several popular hiking trails.  North Waldo is also in a drier setting than the other campgrounds which supports fewer mosquitoes.

This campground is generally open from early June through mid-October.  About 1/3 of the 58 campsites are for first-come-first-served campers.  The other 2/3's may be reserved up to 6 months, and at least 4 days, in advance of your arrival.  Follow the link to check rates, availability and current alerts: \ North Waldo

Campers enjoy swimming, sailing and  canoeing in the 427' deep, crystal clear Waldo Lake.  Boat motors are restricted to electric motors only.  Waldo Lake is circled by the Jim Weaver Loop, 20 miles of trail for hiking and biking.  Bikes are allowed on the trails, but not in the nearby Waldo Lake Wilderness.  Access to the Pacific Crest Trail is nearby as well as trailheads to many wilderness trails and lakes, most notably the Rigdon, Wahanna and Torrey Lakes. The  1-mile Shoreline Trail between North Waldo Campground and Islet Campground provides a short and pleasant hike along the lakeshore.

Enjoy our virtual tour of North Waldo Campground below and read more about camping in the stunning Oregon Cascades, southeast of Eugene.