Cool Springs Campground, Lake Almanor, No. California

Cool Springs Campground

PG&E DeSabla Watershed \ Lake Almanor Area

I hate to be cliché about this.  But Cool Springs really IS one of the coolest campgrounds we've been to.  Since one person's "cool" is not the same as another's, here's what I think makes a campground cool:  It is too far off the beaten path for glamping and not remote enough for dramping.  (Glamping definition: glamour camping;  Dramping definition: drunk camping)   That's probably enough-said, but I'll go on.

If you love camping for the peace and quiet, the dark, star-filled skies and observing wildlife, you need to camp in Cool Springs on Butt Lake.  Families also enjoy fishing, kayaking, canoeing and sailing.  The louder water sports happen on Lake Almanor.  But motorized fishing boats are allowed on Butt Lake via the free boat launch between Ponderosa Campground and Cool Springs.

Cool Springs is located just 3 miles past the end of pavement at Ponderosa Campground.  When you hit pavement again, you're almost at the entrance to Cool Springs.  The paved roads throughout the campground keeps the dust down.  The on-site host maintains the piped drinking water and keeps your vault toilets clean, stocked and smelling sweet.   Garbage service is also available in Cool Springs.

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