Get out of the car!

A cute Camp Host told me a long time ago, "If you want to see the most amazing things, you have to get out of the car!"   hahaha  She liked to walk but her husband didn't.  Personally, I think that seeing amazing things is more a factor of actually looking for it.  Having a camera with me helps me focus on a specific scene, bird or animal.  The resulting photos are also nice to have on those slow wildlife days.  If you're not up to hiking, many of our campgrounds are near scenic byways.  So take a drive but take time to stop at the overlooks.

I can't tell you how many amazing sights began with someone saying, "What's that?!"  If you haven't had a National Geographic Moment lately, maybe you aren't watching close enough.  If you see some strange movement or a color that is out of place as you enjoy the scenery, keep watching or better yet, turn on the video recorder and zoom in!