Don't let ethanol ruin your outdoor fun

Avoid Ethanol in Small Engines / Outboard Motors

Ethanol has the ability to attract greater amounts of water and "phase separate", or form two separate solutions in the gas tank, usually over a long period of time.  According to, "Fuel stabilizer does not prevent phase separation."  The best solution is to use ethanol-free fuel in all small engines.

Boat owners have been plagued by the effects of ethanol fuel since the government mandate to increase the amount of ethanol in the nation’s fuel supply, which not only damages boat engine and fuel systems but can present very real safety concerns.

It will dissolve your rubber hoses, clog up your filters, cause you to make unnecessary repairs and eat up precious camping and fishing time.  Do not use ethanol fuel in your off-road vehicles, yard machines or other small engines like chainsaws, weed-eaters or lawn mowers.

Check here for Ethanol-free gas stations in the US and Canada and Go Camping!

Fishing on the Alsea River, Central Oregon Coast

Fishing on the Alsea River, Central Oregon Coast

Jo Leach

Jo and Don worked in logistics and software development before workamping. We have worked for AL&L for 11 seasons as Campground Managers, Area Managers and currently as Regional Managers. Our website provides general information for retirees starting out in workamping.