Late for your camping reservation? Here's what to do:

What to do if you cannot get to your weekend reservation until the 2nd day:

Call as soon as you know your schedule!  See phone numbers below.*

A reserved campsite should be held for you until checkout time after the first night of your reservation.  However, when all first-come-first-served sites are full for a busy weekend a myriad of mistakes can be made with a reserved but empty campsite.  A walk-in camper could come in at 2am and see the site is empty.  The Hosts cannot stay up all night to monitor these things.

*If you made your reservation through or call 888-448-1474.  Call center hours are: 10am - midnight EST, March through October.  They close at 10pm EST November through February.  It is also recommended to call the campground number first thing in the morning.  If you are calling on a weekend and the only contact number listed for the campground is our main office (801-226-3564), try messaging us through our Facebook page here:  American Land & Leisure    Changes and cancellation policies are found here:  NRRS Reservation Policies   Please call as soon as you know you'll be late or cannot come at all.  You may be eligible for a partial refund depending on the circumstances.

*Reservations made for California State Parks have different cancellation policies here:  CA State Parks   It is also recommended that you call the number listed under Contact Information for the campground.

*Changes or cancellations for PG&E campground reservations cannot be accepted within 7 days of your arrival.  Call the campground if you're still coming but will be late.