Camping Under a Meteor Shower

The best place to watch meteor shower is from a remote campsite, far away from the big city light pollution.

"You might see an outburst – with perhaps 200 meteors per hour – in the 2016 Perseid meteor shower. Peak night August 11-12, but watch the nights around then, too." according to Earth Sky.

EathSky says, "Start watching in the first week of August, when the Delta Aquarid meteor shower is still rambling along steadily. In early August (and even through the peak nights), you’ll see the Perseids and Delta Aquarids together.

Keep watching in the second week of August, when the Perseids are rising to a peak.

Overall, Perseid meteors will be increasing in number from early August onward..."

If the night sky in your backyard isn't brightened too much by the nearby city, you may be able to watch from the convenience of your own yard.  But, come on, nothing can beat the night sky from a forest campground near a lake or on top of a mountain!  With no other light to compete with, billions of stars create a sparkly blanket overhead.  Add a meteor shower to make it magical!

Follow the link to find out more: Earth Sky: Everything you need to know about Perseid Meteor Shower

Photo courtesy of NASA

Photo courtesy of NASA