Redman Campground, Big Cottonwood Canyon, Utah

Redman Campground

Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest \ Salt Lake Ranger District

Redman sits at an elevation of 8,000'; out of the heat of the Salt Lake desert below.  At the top of Big Cottonwood Canyon, it lies between the two scenic ski resorts, Solitude and Brighton.  Lush foliage and a babbling creek provide privacy for lovers of everything wild.  Fish for brook trout in Big Cottonwood Creek, which meanders through the campground. Moose are frequently seen in the campground. If you know what to listen for, you'll also enjoy the rare goshawk.

The creek and canyon are part of a protected watershed for the Salt Lake City water supply.  No domesticated animals are allowed in Big Cottonwood Canyon without a special permit.  So you'll want to leave your pets at home for this camping trip as the fines are steep.  Wading and playing in the creek are also not permitted. 

If a large black animal wanders into your campsite in this canyon it is, more than likely, a moose and not a bear.  These majestic animals frequent the campground.  It is amazing that an animal that large can actually sneak up on you but they can.  Don't make any sudden movements.  Look around to find the nearest, significantly-sized, tree and slowly move to put it between you and the moose.   Of course you'll want to be looking for young moose also and you never want to move between mother and calf.

First-come-first-served campsites are available or follow the link to make reservations: \ Redman Campground

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